Did you say ramen?

Yes we did!  After a couple of weeks testing out noodles and developing some broths, we have RAMEN!

Our California style Afuri ramen is inspired by the citrus ramen broth made in Japan, at the foot of the Afuri
mountains. Instead of yuzu, we created a distinctly Southern Californian flavor by adding zest and juice from Meyer
lemons grown in our garden.

Also, due to popular demand, we created a completely vegan broth. We roast our vegetables before boiling them down for a broth so deep, you don’t even miss the meat.

We also made a charred garlic sesame oil to go with the ramen. It adds just a little more depth of flavor, because, who couldn’t use just a little more garlic in our lives?

We’ve combined Korean and Japanese flavors for a unique Los Angeles ramen. Come in and get a bowl or order some from any of our delivery partners.

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