Nabi Restaurant Gallery is now open!

We’re very happy to announce our gallery’s inaugural  artist, Sam Henderson! His works will be on view at the restaurant gallery through the end of March. All original, one-of-a-kind pen & ink drawings are for sale (framed or unframed).

About the artist:

SAM HENDERSON lives in New York and has been a professional cartoonist for about 25 years. He writes and draws a comic called MAGIC WHISTLE. His feature “SCENE BUT NOT HEARD” appeared in NICKELODEON magazine from 1993 to 2009.

Sam was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS in 2001. His work has appeared in the NEW YORK PRESS, The OBSERVER, The COMICS JOURNAL, DC COMICS, CARTOON NETWORK, AMERICAN BYSTANDER, DISNEY, and AOL, among others.

He still writes for his own comic, has had several book collections, and a development deal, yet despite all this, he can’t afford to eat at this restaurant.

Currently, Sam is working on a “graphic memoir” called HAIL SEIZURE, pages for which can be seen at as they are produced.

His original artworks are available for sale framed ($65) and unframed ($40). About a dozen of them are hung in the Nabi Galleries. Additional pages (some of them not family friendly) are available for viewing at Nabi. Please ask for the portfolio at the front desk.

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